Our practitioners teach you how to observe and chart your fertility using the Creighton Model System.

What the Creighton Model System is and why it’s important. The Creighton Model Fertility Care System is a natural method of … Learn more about the Creighton Model. Lead in to our services… we provide introductory sessions, private follow-up sessions, and medical referrals to Gianna Centers.

Who is the Creighton Model for?

Single women

Engaged couples

Married couples

Meet a practitioner, learn the basics, and…


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Intro Session Prices



$50 for a 1-hour session


$50 for a 1-hour session

Every now and then, we team up with the John Paul II Center for Women to offer free introductory sessions to women and couples in the Central New York area. These sessions typically take place on Thursday evenings and last about an hour. They are a great way to meet a Fertility Care Choices practitioner in person, learn more about the Creighton Model System, and have an opportunity to ask questions. Registration is required.


Typically 8 weeks — why


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Gianna Center physicians are specifically trained to work with the biomarkers revealed through the Creighton Model


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To find a Gianna Center near you, visit the webpage of the National Gianna Center.

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