Introductory Sessions

Meet a practitioner, learn the basics, and get started with the Creighton Model System.

private Intro sessions

$45 per session*

We offer both in-person and remote one-on-one sessions to get you started with the Creighton Model System.
*Practitioner pricing may vary

Group Intro sessions

$20 per session

Occasionally, we team up with the John Paul II Center for Women to offer small group Introductory Sessions on the Creighton Model System in the Central New York area.

Registration for these sessions is required.


Follow-up Sessions

Gain confidence through practice

If you decide to continue beyond our Introductory Sessions, we recommend a series of 8 follow-up sessions. During these sessions, our practitioners work with you to help you understand your observations and how to accurately record them.

Follow-up Session Pricing

$45 per session

Cost of Materials

$35 per packet

This is a one-time cost, paid at the time of the first follow-up session. Packet includes materials necessary for charting: the chart, stamp packet, instructional manual, and forms.

Medical Referrals

We provide medical referrals exclusively to Gianna Centers. Gianna Center physicians are specifically trained to work with the biomarkers revealed through the Creighton Model System. These biomarkers are part of a health science system called Natural ProCreative Technology (NaProTechnology), which is used by physicians to identify and treat underlying medical issues.

Learn more about the Gianna Center

The National Gianna Center provides pro-life, authentically Catholic health and fertility care to women and families. Visit their website to learn more about their services.

Find a Gianna Center near you

The National Gianna Center has affiliate locations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Kansas. Visit the National site to find a location near you.