Meet Our Practitioners

Joan Nolan, FCP


Since completing her training through the Pope Paul VI Institute in 2004, Joan has been teaching the Creighton Model System and working to bring specialized medical services to New York state. She has helped to establish Gianna Medical Centers in New York City, Syracuse, and Albany. Joan is also the Executive Director of the John Paul II Center for Women, an organization she established to promote education, outreach, and fertility care services. She is a wife, the proud mother of seven, and a grandmother.

Christine Reilly, FCP

Christine has been using the Creighton Model System for eight years and has been teaching it since 2014. She and her husband struggled with infertility and became interested in the system as a natural method of fertility tracking that was in line with their Catholic values. Through the use of this system and NaPro Technology, she and her husband were able to understand the problems causing infertility and conceive their sons. Christine works to promote the Creighton Model system by sharing her knowledge of it and its value with others.


Elizabeth Mostrom BSN, FCP

Elizabeth (Betsy) has a BS in nursing from SUNY Brockport with experience in adult health and eldercare. She has been working with Fertility Care Choices as a Fertility Care Practitioner since 2014. Elizabeth has a special interest in NaPro Technology as a positive approach in women’s fertility and health. She is married with two grown children and enjoys gardening, hiking, and the outdoors.


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